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Behind the scenes in Dad’s Workshop.

When building a custom home, there are many components that are not available as pre-made or standard off the shelf products. Sometimes there are similar products, or “something close”, that can be used, but in the end, the look and quality is compromised.

Often in a custom-built home, the only way to produce what the Designer or Architect had intended, you must order the various materials and pieces, and build it yourself. In home I recently completed, the plans called for eight columns in the great room, with sizes and details not readily available.

I helped my Father build the columns in his basement workshop. The workbench, equipment, tools and numerous of clamps were needed for this work. This allowed us the space and time necessary to complete these columns.

Building these in Dad’s workshop gave us plenty of room to work, and we didn’t compromise the quality or get in the way of other trades working in the home.


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